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Your Getting Ready For Baby Checklist: What Do You Need?

Crib Mattress PadSo you are about to become a parent for the first time and it is a scary proposition.

There just seems to be so many different things that you need to remember and do before they are born because surely you want to be ready for them appearing?

You will probably be getting advice from so many different people as well that you will not know which way to turn, so perhaps the best thing to do is to look at producing your very own getting ready for baby checklist to really know what you need for a newborn.

It does not matter if it is a boy or girl

First, this checklist is unisex although clearly there are some subtle differences in what you need to buy depending on whether it is a boy or a girl.

There are certain must haves for new baby or babies that every parent should have and these products include;

  • a healthcare kit specifically for a baby
  • a nursing kit for the new mother
  • Bottles for feeding
  • The actual feeding kit itself including being able to warm a bottle.

There are so many things that are absolute essentials and you can already see why you need to write down everything you need for a baby.

Grooming kits and simple outfits

While buying a number of inexpensive outfits for a baby is quite obvious, less people realize that a baby grooming kit is also another item that you cannot do without.

This kit is specifically designed to help deal with that fine hair that a baby has and anybody should be able to use it and get results.

Keeping the house safe

Just when you think you have everything you need for a newborn along comes another area that you have so far neglected.

That area is making sure that the house itself is safe for your child and that means buying a kit that prevents them from accessing certain areas of the house and also making it impossible for them to put their fingers in the electrical sockets or near the fire.

This has to be one of the more important areas to think about and it really must be on your baby checklist.

The final key items

Further items you may wish to add to your checklist includes diaper bags, mirrors to be able to watch them in the car, items to help with breast feeding, and of course shampoo, lotions, and soap.

This also does not include the range of furniture that you need to have in their nursery as you need storage, a crib for them to sleep in, and a changing platform to make life easier.

All of this really does add up to a pretty penny, but if you do most of your shopping at Amazon.com, you will save considerably when comparing to other boutiques or even other online retailers.

In short,

  • Focus on healthcare items
  • Inexpensive clothes for a newborn
  • Get their first grooming kit
  • Make the house safe with special kits
  • Buy the correct furniture for their nursery
  • Only ever purchase shampoo or soap specifically designed for babies
  • Check and double check that you have covered everything on your list

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