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Best Baby Monitor For Twins - 2018 Updated TOP 5 Review
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Best Baby Monitor For Twins 2019 Winners Selected

Foscam FBM3501 Baby monitorBest Baby Monitor For Twins can give you a peace of mind, you need to make sure that you have a quality monitor that will allow you to see and hear your child even when you are no longer in the same room.

Quick action when something is wrong is imperative, so to make life a bit less stressful, we have looked at the best baby monitors and explain why we believe that they are indeed the best.

TOP 5 Best Baby Monitor For Twins Reviewed For 2019 – Innovation, Security and Peace Of Mind

Well here we go, due to the high demand from our readers, we made a major update for 2018 and reviewed the TOP 5 baby monitors for 2019.

This will hopefully make your decision a bit easier and get the best value for your hard earned money.

As a parent, there is absolutely no doubt that you love and adore your little ones, right?

2019 has brought us some amazing baby monitors and some of the best baby monitors for twins have been introduced during this time frame.

If you desire innovative, security and peace of mind, you will definitely want to scour the reviews below and check out the best baby monitors for 2019.

Innovations For The New Year

Although only a year has passed, an abundance of changes has taken place.

First and foremost, consumers have become much more interested in their security and baby monitors have taken center stage.

At the same time, consumers have become much more interested in ease of use, convenience and accessibility.

This has forced baby monitor manufacturer to adapt and satisfy each of these desires.

Below, you’ll learn about some of the most impressive changes consumers have seen in baby monitors for 2019.

  • Installation has become much easier and cords are basically nonexistent
  • More cameras than ever before are battery powered and can be installed anywhere with ease
  • Monitoring systems are now expandable and customizable. You can buy a camera, or two, or three and add it to their system effortlessly
  • Night vision has improved and HD video quality is readily available
  • Additional real-time alerts keep parents aware at all times
  • Some cameras can be accessed through the Internet with any of your mobile devices

The five baby monitors listed below embody some, if not all, of these characteristics. Parents, who wish to keep an eye on their babies, without getting out of bed, would be wise to invest in one of the specific camera systems explored below.

Arlo Smart Security – Security Camera is #1 in our 2019 list

Arlo home securityIf you are on the market for a wireless security camera that can be utilized as a baby monitor, you should look no further than the Arlo Smart security camera.

This device is integrated with a HD 720p camera that will provide an amazingly clear video.

The camera also has night vision capability, so you can easily see your infant, even when the room is pitch dark. Below, you will discover more information about the Arlo Smart security camera.

Easy Installation Process  

The Arlo is so easy to install and setup. In fact, you can complete the entire process in a matter of 20-30 minutes. If you are installing the camera in your infant’s nursery, you will have the option of installing it on the wall, ceiling, or just leave it sitting on a nightstand. This security system comes with a base mount that can easily be installed to a flat surface, using stainless screws. It is important to note that the manufacturers recommend a 7’ above-floor position for optimal viewing range.

You can also purchase the adjustable mount for indoor and outdoor installation. Both mounts are embedded with a powerful magnet, as well as the base of the camera. This allows the homeowner to remove the camera from the mount and replace the batteries more conveniently. This little feature alone says a lot about the amazing technology embedded into this smart home security camera.

Multiple Camera Support

Best Baby Monitor For TwinsThe base station is capable of supporting up to 5 cameras and you will always have the option of viewing 4 live video streams simultaneously. This is definitely an advantage for someone that is always on the go, plus it offers superior convenience, since you do not need to open up each stream on separate occasions.

Motion Sensor

The Arlo is not only a security camera, since it is integrated with a motion sensor. When your child wakes up, the motion sensor will be triggered, and an immediate notification will be sent to your app-enabled device.

The motion sensor range will vary according to the camera’s position anywhere from 5-20’. If you plan of taking advantage of this feature, be sure to place it an area, where it will be within the detection range.

HD Quality And Impressive Night Vision

Arlo Smart Security night visionAlthough the NetGear Arlo Camera might not be a baby monitor in the traditional sense, it is surprisingly one of the best baby monitors on the market.

The camera’s capabilities, ease of use and versatility make it a parent’s dream come true. This is evident, when it comes to the camera’s amazing video quality.

When viewing the camera’ stream, additional peace of mind will be obtained, since the video quality is high-definition. You’ll never miss a thing and you’ll never have to worry about fuzzy videos hindering your view.

The camera’s night vision capability might be even more impressive. In order for a baby monitor to be effective, the camera needs superb night vision and the Arlo excels in this area.

The camera is equipped with 12 infrared LEDS, which work in conjunction to deliver crystal clear night vision up to 25 feet away.


  • Beautiful HD video and excellent night vision
  • Completely wireless setup
  • Installation and placement couldn’t be easier
  • No real technical knowledge required
  • System can work with 5 separate cameras
  • Allows parents to check in on their children from anywhere in the world
  • Motion detection capabilities keeps you aware at all times
  • Weatherproof, so you can watch your child while they play outside


  • No audio capability (Arlo Q camera has audio capability)
  • Lithium CR123 batteries can become expensive, but you could buy rechargeable batteries which will last a lifetime

Overall Assessment

Arlo Smart Security Sarah Silverman

Even Celebrities get Arlo

While many parents may be turned off by the fact that the Arlo does not have a two-way speaker. Still parents will be able to watch their children from anywhere around the globe.

Overall, the Arlo is one of the best security cameras on the market, plus it designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether utilized as a baby monitor or a home security camera, the Arlo is a smart investment!

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Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras is #2 for 2019

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 CamerasMotorola is known for many things, but their baby monitors usually sit on the backburner. This is truly a mistake and parents, especially those with twins, need to take note.

This specific baby monitoring system provides parents with everything they could ever need to maintain their peace of mind, by keeping an eye on two children at once!

Although the system is slightly more expensive, it truly packs a bunch and delivers added versatility with an additional camera.

2 Cameras, 1 Parent Unit

Those that wish to be able to keep an eye on their children while at home cannot go wrong with the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor.

This is the case, because this system provides parents with two fully functional cameras and a comprehensive parent unit. The parent unit gives you complete control over both cameras. You can easily switch back and forth between camera streams and will also be able to utilize the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom features.

The parent unit utilizes a 3.5” color screen, which allows you to watch your children in gorgeous detail.

Alert System

The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor keeps you aware at all times. When the battery begins to dwindle down or the parent unit exits the 590-foot range, an alert will sound and notify you.

This gives you the ability to quickly change the batteries or take a few steps back into the range field, so you can continue monitoring your child, without any further complications.

Range And 2-Way Communication

There are some baby monitors, which falter in one area or another. Although the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor cannot be accessed outside of the home, it delivers many features, which will definitely enhance the parent’s peace of mind. The 590-foot range should be enough to cover the majority of houses, while the 2-way communication gives you the ability to remain in bed and chat with your toddler. When your baby awakes and begins crying, you’ll know about it immediately and will be able to act quickly.


Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 movable camerasMost parents will fill their nursery with various devices that will keep their infant entertained and calm. The sound machine is a very popular item that is very effective in providing a calm environment for mother and baby.

Of course, you can spend anywhere from $30-60 for a sound machine and this is not to even mention the costs of a baby monitor.

Instead of purchasing two different devices, you should consider investing in the Motorola Digital baby monitor.

This unit is embedded with a small sound machine that will emit relaxing lullabies. You will have 5 different tunes to select one, but each will definitely entertain your child for many years to come.


  • 1 Parent unit and 2 cameras make an excellent value
  • 4GHz FHSS wireless technology for added privacy
  • Delivers 590-foot range
  • Equipped with 5 lullabies and 2-way communication
  • Night vision is excellent and 3.5” color screen offers gorgeous details
  • Alerts for out-of-range and low batteries
  • Volume control and a very sensitive microphone


  • User interface could be improved
  • Buttons don’t light up, which makes them difficult to see at night

Overall Assessment

Despite a few minor cons, the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor is still an excellent choice for many households. For its contents, functionality and performance, the package is truly an excellent value and well worth it!

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VTech VM321 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor is #3 on the list

VTech VM321Parents, who are looking for a simplistic baby monitor, which requires very little technical ability, should look no further than the VTech VM321.

This baby monitor system is affordable, simply and still comprehensive enough to deliver plenty of reassurance. It comes with everything parents will need to monitor their child throughout the day or night.

Below, you’ll learn more about this specific system and its most notable features.

Screen And Night Vision

First and foremost, you should know that the VTech VM321 comes with a parent unit and one camera.

The parent unit is compact enough that it can be carried around with you throughout the day, without bogging you down or becoming cumbersome.

As long as you’ve got the monitor in hand, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your toddler, thanks to the 2.8” color LCD screen, which displays high-resolution video.

All aspects and features of the system can be directly manipulated from the parent unit, so you won’t have to worry too much about entering your child’s room at night. At the same time, the camera is equipped with an automatic IR night vision system. Once the lights have been shut out, the IR night vision will kick in and give you the ability to see your child in the area. The IR lights are dull and will not disturb your child’s sleep, which is certainly a bonus.


Despite the affordability of the VTech VM321, this baby monitoring system is impressively comprehensive. Not only is the video great, but also parents will be happy to know that it offers a full range of audio features.

With this specific baby monitor, parents will be able to interact with their baby from afar in more ways than one.

First and foremost, the unit comes equipped with a 2-way communication system. You’ll be able to hear your toddler, as soon as he or she awakes. Then, you can speak with them, without getting out of bed.

The unit is also capable of playing soothing lullabies. It is equipped with 5 different calming melodies, which will help to lull your child back to sleep.

Signal Range

VTech VM321 with 2 camerasMany baby monitors offer a limited signal range, which means that the distance between the monitor and base unit will also be limited. Parents that want to be able to monitor their child in every room in their home, even the basement should definitely consider investing in the VTech VM321.

The 2.4 GHz wireless technology embedded into this unit offers a range up to 1,000 feet. This includes video and audio signal transmission, so you will be able to monitor and communicate with your child throughout your home.

Sound Indicator

Many parents will opt to mute the parent unit, when their infant is sleeping, but this does not mean that they do not want to be able to monitor the level of noises, in the nursery.

Well, with this particular baby monitor, you will be able to visually monitor noise levels, even with the parent unit is completely muted. The 6-level sound indicator embedded into the parent unit makes this possible. You will be able to fall to sleep without noise interference, while having the ability to wake up routinely to check on your child.


  • Very affordable
  • Monitors video sound and temperature
  • Range of up to 1,000 feet
  • Can be expanded up to 4 cameras
  • 8” color video screen should be sufficient for most
  • Night vision feature is excellent
  • Capable of playing melodies to lull your child back to sleep
  • Digital transmission on the 2.4GHz frequency for added privacy


  • Sound quality could be improved
  • Parent unit goes to sleep quickly, when not plugged in

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, the VTech VM321 is an excellent option for those that are looking for a bargain. The monitor system is comprehensive, the night vision works great and the price tag is more than friendly. Suffice to say, it is hard to lose with this specific baby monitor.

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Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Baby Monitor holds #4 in our list

Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby MonitorIf you’re a parent of twins or just feel the need for two cameras, you should definitely consider investing in the Summer Infant Dual View Baby Monitor. This comprehensive baby monitoring system is sleek, surprisingly affordable and gives parents to view both camera streams simultaneously.

You’ll find more details about it below!


When investing in a baby monitor system, it is truly vital to examine the size and scope of your home. Once you’ve done this, you’ll know precisely how much space needs to be covered by the baby monitor.

For the average household, the Summer Infant Dual View Baby Monitor’s 600-ft range will be more than sufficient. This should make it possible for parents to move throughout the entirety of their home, without losing signal.

Cameras And Night Vision

One of the best aspects associated with the Summer Infant Dual View is the fact that it provides parents with two separate cameras. This makes it more than suitable for monitoring multiple rooms or several children.

The camera system can be expanded up to 4 cameras. This makes it compatible with up to four rooms or four children. The included 3.5” LCD monitor is very innovative and gives you the ability to monitor four streams at once. With this split-screen technology, you will never have to take your eyes off of your children, even if you have more than one.

The camera is also equipped with automatic night vision. The automatic functionality helps to ensure that you won’t have to worry about entering your toddler’s room and waking them up, in order to switch it on. The night vision uses infrared LEDs and is capable of transmitting a crystal clear black and white image to the parent unit.

Pan and Zoom Capabilities

Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor guideIn order to be able to receive a full view of your child’s nursery, the camera will need to have the capabilities of pan and zoom. The Summer Infant camera system will pan, zoom, and scan to give users a closer and wider viewing area. You can easily control these features via the handheld unit, just push the appropriate button and watch the camera move up/down and left/right. The zoom feature will allow you to get a closer view of your infant and the surroundings.


  • Infrared LEDs switch on automatically and work well
  • 4-way split screen allows you to monitor 4 rooms or 4 children simultaneously
  • 5” handheld monitor is great and offers pan/scan/zoom controls
  • 2-way communication
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Can be used in conjunction with up to 4 cameras
  • 600-feet of range should suffice


  • Parent unit can be sluggish, when displaying multiple streams at once
  • No loss of signal alarm
  • Cameras do not use backup battery

Overall Assessment

The Summer Infant Dual View is a good value, due to its package contents. Although it might be ineffective when the power is out, it excels most of the time and will definitely deliver added reassurance to worrisome parents. If you have two children to watch, the investment is truly a no-brainer.

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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is #5 on our list

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby MonitorsParents, who are looking for a baby monitor that offers immense battery life and interchangeable lens capability, should look no further than the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. This specific package will provide parents with enough equipment to perfectly monitor one child throughout the night. Of course, the system can be expanded up to 4 cameras, if you wish to use it for twins or multiple rooms.

Camera Capabilities

The Infant Optics DXR-8 comes with a single camera and a 3.5-inch monitor. The combination works great together and provides parents with a constant stream of their toddler.

The sleek, compact parent unit us equipped with a retractable antenna, which helps to increase the range. It also has several buttons and each is clearly labeled, so you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out precisely how to take full advantage of the camera’s pan, tilt and digital zoom capabilities.

The LED display will automatically activate, when it hears a sound. This helps to maintain battery life, while ensuring that you do not miss a thing. Despite the pan and tilt features, the cameras are also equipped with infrared night vision. The IR night vision works well and is invisible, so it’ll never bother your child.


The Infant Optics DXR-8 cannot be accessed from outside of the home, but it is still immensely portable. The range is more than enough to maintain a signal throughout the majority of homes. At the same time, the parent screen utilizes a rechargeable battery, which is capable of lasting up to 10 hours! Even if the screen is left on constantly, parents will be able to take full advantage of at least 6 hours of battery life. To make matters even better, the DXR-8 parent unit can be charged from anywhere. Just plug it into your computer or laptop and you’re good to go!

Interchangeable Lens Options

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor packageAll parents have an idea of how they want to monitor their nursery. Well, what would you think about having the option of customizing the camera’s viewing angle and zoom?

Well, with the Infant Optics DXR-8, you can do just that thanks to the interchangeable lens option. The initial system comes with an optical zoom lens, with the option of purchasing the wide range lens separately. By investing in this unit, you will have the option of customization, which is not offered by any other baby monitor brand.


  • Interchangeable lens option
  • Camera pans, tilts, and digitally zooms
  • Power saving mode offers a run time of 10 hours (without the screen turned on)
  • 5 LCD display (sound-activated)
  • Equipped with a retractable antenna
  • 4Ghz wireless technology
  • Plug-and-play installation process
  • Optional scan mode (additional add-on camera required)
  • Temperature is displayed on the parent unit
  • Supports 1-4 cameras
  • Integrated with a 2-way speaker system


  • Battery life is a little limited and low battery alert can become a little annoying

Overall Assessment

The Infant Optics DXR-8 is a great investment for a handful of reasons. The video quality is brilliant, the range is sufficient and the battery life is enormous. With the expandability of the system, it is capable of accommodating many households. All in all, it is a great baby monitoring system.

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Summary for the 2019 best baby monitors

The above listed baby monitors are all excellent choices, and it’s mainly up to you to decide what features you want or need the most in your baby monitor.

For example the Arlo security camera is an excellent choice, since you can use it as a baby monitor with one or two cameras and when your children grow up, you can turn it into a full home security camera system to keep an eye on your children inside or outside, and from where ever you are on your mobile device.

I hope this list helps you with your decision, so I wish you all the best making smart choices.

Below are our previous years winners. As you can see, technology advances fast and that's why we would recommend you to buy a system which can be expanded based on your needs.

  1. Lorex 2.4” Sweet Peak Video Baby Monitor

Lorex 2.4 Sweet Peek Video Baby MonitorThe highest rated 2 camera baby monitor on our list is this model from Lorex.

It has two cameras and one receiver and the entire product is lightweight and portable, so you can easily carry your part around the house and keep checking on your twins without any issues.

The screen itself is very clear and this also applies when you switch it to night vision, so it is clear that the company has invested a lot of time in producing a quality product.

You also get a total of eight hours battery life before you need to think about recharging the batteries, so this is more than enough for you to check on them while they sleep.

It is also worth mentioning that it comes with some wonderful soothing lullabies built in and this itself is an useful addition when your twins are having some problems settling down and you want to avoid going in the room and disturbing them.

You can of course also talk to them as there is the two way radio system included as well and the sound quality is right up there with the very best.

However, one nice touch that does make a difference with this product from Lorex is that there is the option of adding another two cameras to the one system and this can be very useful in certain situations as well.

There is no doubt that this is a baby monitor that will always work well and give you that peace of mind that you have been seeking.

The advantages of the Lorex baby monitor.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • 8 hours battery life span.
  • Crystal clear audio and video.
  • Wonderful night vision option and nightlight.
  • Two way radio.
  • Lullabies included.
  1. Motorola MBP25-2 Wireless 2.4GHz Video Baby Monitor LCD Color Screen and 2 Cameras

Motorola MBP25-2 Wireless 2.4 GHz Video Baby MonitorMotorola is of course a reputable name when it comes to electronics and this is clear when you check out their top two camera baby monitor.

This uses wireless technology and the entire product is lightweight and easy to set up, so there should be no issues with using this at any point.

The screen is 2.4” in size, but the image itself is superb thanks to the LCD screen.

The video part includes a built-in infrared night vision option that gives you a fantastic image even in the poorest of light conditions and this model comes with a zoom option, so you can check them out close up without disturbing them.

The microphone is also one of the best on the market as it is super sensitive allowing you to pick up even the faintest of noises and understand what they were.

A part of the baby monitor that will also prove to be rather useful is the way in which it alerts you when the battery is getting low as well as giving you a signal when you have moved your part out of range.

This just gives you some added confidence in the product and when you are dealing with your children this can only be a good thing.

Overall, there are a number of clear advantages of using this baby monitor.

  • The LCD screen gives amazing clarity.
  • Sensitive microphone picks up any noise.
  • Zoom option with video.
  • Out of range alarm.
  • Low battery alarm.
  • Uses wireless technology.
  1. Samsung SEW-3037W SafeVIEW  Baby Monitoring System

Samsung UltraVIEW 2-Camera Baby Monitoring SystemSamsung appears to be breaking into any market that contains electronics, and this is their own SafeVIEW camera baby monitor and the initial impression is that they have done a fantastic job with this model.

You will instantly feel as if the entire product is very well put together thanks to it being Samsung, but of course you need to know that it will do the job that it has been bought for.

First, you get a slightly bigger screen with this model compared to a number of its competitors as it has a 3.5” LCD screen which also comes in high-resolution.

The video part comes with a remote control cameras, so you can zoom, pan, and tilt in order to check out your twins while you are in another room.

The microphone is above average for this type of product and it does also offer you the chance to have a two way communication as is the norm for a baby monitor.

The one area where this product does excel is the range it offers as you can move up to 900ft away and you can still both see and hear your twins as they sleep.

The technology in this product is outstanding as there is no interference even when approaching the maximum distance and even the infrared gives you a stunning picture at night.

It is clear that Samsung do know what they are doing when it comes to electronics as there are several key advantages to owning this particular model.

  • A larger than normal screen at 3.5”.
  • Completely portable even up to 900ft.
  • Good battery life.
  • Camera can zoom, pan, and tilt via remote control.
  • Great microphone and two way communication.
  • Infrared is of superb quality.

You will do well by choosing any of these Top sellers, I believe it's just a matter of personal requirements and selecting the one that has the right features for your needs.

You can start right here to find All the best deals for the Top rated Baby monitors!

In case you are looking for best bassinet for baby check out our new bassinet review page.

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